“use your power to create not destroy”

– Nadia Marillier: Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, Executive Business and Life Coach


A women of true passion for life, authentic vision to shape, grow and invest in others,

A mission to provide you with the tools to shape the truest highest version of self.

She coaches leaders to embrace and celebrate their strengths, their experiences, and most importantly, accept themselves in this wonderful journey called life. 

Nadia advocates that we all have the answers to each of our questions.

All we have to do align to self, trust and listen. Her foundation is live a life of authenticity and be empowered by your purpose.  




A Certified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, Executive, Business and Life Coach with 29 years of experience in multiple service industries

Accredited by the COMENSA ANLP Accredited Affiliation

Facilitator for Servant Leadership Programs



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Investment in Self Workshops

Four hours of creating a life you truly desire. The event was self-fulfilling, uplifting. Women had deep honest internal dialogue that allowed them to step into their greatness. The primary focus was ensuring the essence of self-mastery, self-discovery and creating the best version of self.

Investment in Self – Testimonials

Discussing the impact of NLP on personal development & career growth.

Nadia Marillier – Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, Executive Business and Life Coach chat to visionary women on the impact of the Investment In Self workshop hosted by Tranquil & Tenacious Minds.




Consulting, training, life, executive & business coaching,servant excellence essentials, innovation thinking, leadership facilitation, performance management, team building & conflict resolution. 

This is applied through the Neuro Linguistic Programming methodology & framework.


“Today was so impactful; it makes me want to go for my dreams. Also make me realise the power of the mind. If the mind does not go I don’t go anywhere. I need to have my plan and write down and go for my purpose. Thank you for an amazing session. May God bless you”

“I came out with SELF LOVE. Today’s session helped me invest in myself. This is the best gift you can give yourself. I walked away feeling BOLD, STRONG and CONFIDENT. My mind is conditioned differently”

“Powerful & impactful. I’ve learned that we are uniquely created. Life have purpose and your are selfless. Nadia is an impactful women and she have alot of insight”

“Very powerful, I learned to be more confident, to have a mindset in the correct position. Just to be yourself and don’t think what others people think of you. Thank you so much Nadia you are send out of heaven stay humble and as you are GO girl for what you do best ”

“ This session was very informative and mind shifting, inspiring me to achieve all my goals. It reminded me about my purpose and the zeal I have for people, to make a difference. To change what I want and to start with me. Thanks Nadia for installing and planting the seed of change that God blessed you with”